Six Points Street Naming Short List & Public Rating

In fall 2018 the public was invited to submit their ideas for the three new street names created through the Six Points Interchange Reconfiguration.

Over 600 submissions were received! City staff reviewed all submissions and have shortlisted 10 potential street names for public rating that are in accordance with the City's Street Naming Policy.

The full shortlist of potential street names will be published on August 19 and posted on the project website for public rating. Rating is open to City of Toronto residents and limited to 1 entry/person and responses must be received by 5 p.m. September 2, 2019.

Once the public rating has closed, a panel of City officials will provide a final recommendation on the three new street names to Etobicoke York Community Council who will make the final decision. This recommendation will consider the City's Street Naming Policy criteria, the results of the public rating, the equity lens analysis, feedback from the Aboriginal Affairs Committee and will be aligned with the City's commitment to Truth and Reconciliation and Indigenous Place Making initiatives. The recommendation will include at least one Indigenous language name. The City will assign the appropriate suffix for each new street name (i.e: road, lane, etc).

Have your say! Rate the shortlisted street names: