April 3, 2019 — Construction Update- Royal York and Lambeth Roads

Dear Resident--

I regret that there have been disruptions due to construction.

This project is being monitored and scrutinized by my office and a number of city officials. The night time work was deemed necessary due to the significant work to Royal York Road, and will cease later this week and revert back to daytime only as the new pipes are installed on Lambeth Road. Below is a photo of a 3 metre wide section of pipe being lifted into place at night, as this would not be practical during the daytime.

I have spoken to the construction company officials yesterday, and I was on site to observe the hoisting operation. They have been reminded to exercise care and to reduce the noise levels. Most high impact work has been deliberately reserved for the daytime.

Please feel free to contact my office directly at 416-392-4002 for additional information.

Royal York and Lambeth.jpg