Trash Talk

2018 Collection Calendars The 2018 Waste Collection Calendars are now being delivered to Toronto households. Toronto residents should expect to receive their calendars in the mail by December 11, 2017.

The calendars are filled with important information and tips on how to reduce and properly dispose of waste. It is Now Even Easier to Buy City of Toronto Garbage Tags People can now buy Garbage Tags online through the recently launched Solid Waste Webstore as well as at Toronto Shoppers Drug Mart and Canadian Tire stores.

Excess garbage must be bagged, tagged and set out next to the Garbage Bin for collection. Reminding Residents About the Importance of Recycling Right The City of Toronto continues to see a significant amount of garbage and other non-recyclable materials in the Blue Bin recycling program.

In an ongoing effort to help educate residents about the importance of recycling right, SWMS will be sending a direct mail piece called "Not Wanted in your Blue Bin" to all residents in houses, apartments and condos in late November, 2017. A letter will be included with the piece explaining the problem of garbage and non-recyclable items, known as contamination, in the Blue Bin and will provide tips on how to sort material correctly.

Add More Blue & Green to your Holidays This December, we are encouraging people to put holiday waste in its proper place. SWMS will be running a public education campaign to remind people to "Add more Blue & Green to their Holidays" by properly disposing of common holiday waste items such as wrapping paper, cards and orange peels.