New Green Bins come to Etobicoke!

The City has started phasing in delivery of the new Green Bins and the Etobicoke Community will start receiving their new bins in mid-September. It will take about three months to complete this distribution. We deliver to one collection route per day, which represents approximately 1,500 households. Don't be alarmed if you see residents in your area with new bins and you have not received one, yours is coming.  On the same day that residents get their new Green Bin, the old one will be taken away and recycled. If we miss removing your old bin that day, set it out EMPTY on your next collection cycle and it will be picked up then (those who miss this second opportunity may contact 311 to arrange removal).

Here are some of the bins' key features:

·         It's animal-resistant so it can be stored outside or placed at the curb the night before collection with the lid in the locked position.

·         It's larger and can hold more organics. Plus, it meets automated collection requirements.

·         Set out is important. Place the bin with the dial in the locked position with the arrows on the top of the lid facing the street to receive collection.

More tips on using your new bin will be delivered with the bin. It's important to start using your new bin on your next collection day because we will no longer be able to collect from the old one.