Winter Registration in Toronto

The City of Toronto offers affordable community recreation programming for the winter season.  Residents of all ages can register for winter skating programs, swimming programs and March Break camps.

Get ready!

Registration begins at 7:00 am on Saturday, December 3 for Etobicoke/York residents.

Residents should visit prior to registration day to:  

  • Build a list of choices (program titles and barcodes) using the website or the printed FUN Guide
  • Get a family number and client numbers to log in and register
  • Have a payment method ready or credit on the account, if fees apply.

Residents can use the "Search Programs" options on to build wish lists and have a few options ready in case they don't get into their first choice.

Using the website is the easiest and fastest way to register for winter recreation.  In September, 90 percent of users were able to log in to the registration system in less than 11 minutes and, on average, once logged in, each registration was completed in just over seven minutes.

Those who wish to register for programs will need to set up an account.  Call (416)338-4386, e-mail or speak with staff at a City community centre to get a family number and a client number, update your account information, put a credit on your account or request information on the Welcome Policy.