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Community Mapping Workshop - Etobicoke-by Toronto Green Community

An experiential workshop teaching Etobicoke residents the skills required to map assets, resources, and areas of interests in their region.

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Ever wondered if a certain resource, agency, group, or area of interest existed in your community? Ever tried researching this with no results found?

This upcoming Sunday, May 12th, come learn about how to identify and map significant untapped resources and hidden assets in Etobicoke, for the purpose of allowing the City at large to become familiar with all the great niche things Etobicoke has to offer!

Through this workshop, residents will have their skills built in community mapping, in hopes that for any resident seeking to carry out community activities, they have a chart to consistently refer to that can help navigate their way around the area. With an integrated outdoor learning experience - this is a great opportunity for residents to come meet their fellow neighbours and share what they love most about Etobicoke!

This workshop is being put on by the Community Futures: Sustainable Neighbourhoods Project, a pilot initiative led by the Toronto Green Community, Green Neighbours Network, and ClimateFast.